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Making a difference in the lives of Filipino youth with disability

Australia empowers high-achieving Filipinos with world-class education in Australia’s top universities through the Australia Awards Scholarships. Upon their return from Australia, these scholars apply their learning and are encouraged to make a difference in the Philippines. Since the 1950s, Australia Awards alumni have been creating a positive impact in the academe, politics, business, arts and other key sectors in the Philippines.

Australia Awards alumnus Prof. Abelardo Apollo David, Jr. or “Teacher Archie” shares how his Australian education equipped him in spearheading innovative programs to address the needs of the Filipino youth with disability. Today, twenty years after he finished his Master’s in Occupational Therapy program in Australia, he has already founded organizations all over the Philippines, which has helped over 2,200 youth with special needs.

For more info on his organizations visit:

Independent Living Learning Centre

Academia Progresiva de Manila

Project TEACH (Therapy, Education, and Assimilation of Children with Handicap)

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