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Working together toward innovative conflict prevention in Mindanao

Australia has been a strong supporter of peace and development in Mindanao for over 20 years, working with the Philippine Government, local governments, multilateral and non-governmental organisations to build resilience in communities affected by conflict.

With Australian support, International Alert established the Critical Events Monitoring System (CEMS), an SMS-based monitoring tool that tracks incidents and tensions in communities that could lead to violence. CEMS is used by the Early Response Network (ERN), a group of men and women scattered around the Bangsamoro, who share real-time information and work with local governments, key agencies, the security sector, and religious and traditional leaders in coordinating quick and context-specific responses to conflict, disasters, and displacement.

Members of International Alert’s ERN share the story on how CEMS was instrumental in preventing an escalation of conflict in a remote community in Madamba, Lanao del Sur.

In the true embodiment of #MateshipandBayanihan, Australia will continue to work with its peace partners to engage and collaborate with different stakeholders to contribute to a stronger Bangsamoro.

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