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SaferKidsPH: Keeping Filipino children safe

In 2019, the Department of Justice Office of Cybercrime received 418,422 cyber tips for the online sharing, re-sharing, and selling of child sexual abuse images and videos. In 2020, we have seen a 260% increase since the start of the lockdown.

Australia and the Philippines have a shared commitment of keeping children safe from all forms of abuse and exploitation. As a longstanding partner and friend, Australia continues to support the Philippines in countering online sexual abuse and exploitation of children, and advocating for a safe and secure internet for children.

Through the SaferKidsPH program, Australia supports the Philippines’ efforts in raising public awareness on child online safety; improving capacity of police and courts to detect, investigate and prosecute cases on online sexual abuse and exploitation of children; and ensuring that quality support services are accessible for vulnerable children and families.

We aim to bring more light to modern-day human trafficking and child protection issues, empower families and children to demand and take action against it, and engage more private sector and communities to become part of the solution.

Australia, through the SaferKidsPH program, has also worked with our Philippine partners to develop the short film, “Toy”, to put a spotlight on the hidden crime of abusing and exploiting children online.

Within 24 hours of being posted, the SaferKidsPH film drew over 1.5 million views, and thousands of shares, with netizens reacting in shock, anger, and sadness at the crimes being committed.

Watch it here:

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