Australian Army soldier Corporal Brenton Ogle from the 8th/9th Battalion , Royal Australian Regiment, covers a Armed Forces of the Phillipines assault during a simulated assault on the Urban Operations Training Facility, Shoalwater Bay Training Area. *** Local Caption *** Soldiers from Australia, Philippines and the United States have conducted a trilateral urban assault on the Urban Operations Training Facility at Shoalwater Bay Training Area on 29 May 19, during Exercise Carabaroo. The three nations participating in Exercise Carabaroo are conducting multilateral urban warfare training to develop drills, enhance interoperability and increase lethality within the urban environment. Exercise Carabaroo involves around 150 members from the United States Marine Rotation Force - Darwin, around 150 from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and around 60 from the Australian Army's 8th/9th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.

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