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Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships offered by the Australian Government, that gives the next generation of Filipino leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research, and professional development at any of Australia’s world-class universities and institutions.

On their return from Australia, the Filipino scholars are encouraged to apply their Australian education and training to drive locally-led solutions and make a difference in the Philippines.

Find out more about Australia Awards Scholarships here.

Australia Global Alumni

Since the 1950s, over 3,000 Filipinos have been awarded scholarships to study in Australia. These scholars form part of Australia’s Global Alumni community.

Australia’s global alumni are highly talented, globally mobile and empowered by a world class Australian education. They are current and future leaders, influencers and change-makers. Individually and collectively,  Australia’s global alumni are helping to shape the world.

Our alumni exemplify the enduring friendship and shared values between Australia and the Philippines, as well as the strong people-to-people ties between our two nations. Through Australia Awards Philippines, we support the personal and professional development of our dynamic Australia Global Alumni community in the Philippines through a variety of activities every year.

Are you an Australia-educated or trained Filipino? We’d love to know you. Update your records in our secure online form here.


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