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Law and Justice

Image: Through the ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking Program, Australia supported a judicial exchange between Philippine and Indonesian justices and judges on victim-sensitive adjudication of trafficking in persons cases.


As Strategic Partners, Australia and the Philippines share a commitment to the rule of law, and strong and accountable institutions for the stability, security, and prosperity of the region.

For over 10 years, Australia and the Philippines have been working together to strengthen law and justice responses to complex issues such as terrorism, people smuggling and human trafficking, child exploitation, money laundering, organised crime, drug trafficking and cybercrime.

Through our development programs, Australia supports the Philippines in enhancing the delivery of and access to justice especially for women, children, persons with disability and other socially disadvantaged groups. This includes supporting judicial reforms and justice cooperation in the Philippines and enhancing collaboration between partners to make legal and judicial services more inclusive and accessible. Australia also supports opportunities to foster valuable partnerships between Philippine law and justice institutions and their Australian counterparts, such as the Federal Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia.





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